Volunteer Information



Questions? Contact vp.parentinvolvement@crossfieldpto.org

HOW DO I VOLUNTEER? There are many volunteer opportunities at Crossfield. From room parents to helping at an event, there are many ways to get involved! Learn about the opportunities available.

COMMITTEE CONTACTS: WHO IS IN CHARGE OF WHAT? Thankfully, we have a lot of support from many parents at Crossfield. Here is a list of contacts from each PTO activity.

HOW DO I GET THE WORD OUT? (NEWSLETTER, Social Media, WEBSITE, ETC.) Each committee is responsible for coming up with a Communication Plan for your event/project. The Communication Plan will typically include a mixture of the various communication methods over a set period of time. Committee Chairs will work with their PTO Board Support Member to determine the communication needs and formalize the Communication Plan. Depending on the event/program, we suggest promoting it for up to four weeks in various ways.

To promote your event on the website, social media or in a newsletter, please submit a short description of your event with all the pertinent information included (date, time, location, etc) to secretary@crossfieldpto.org.

Here are some of the various methods the PTO uses to promote Events/Programs:


  • Updated 2 days after information is submitted


  • Newsletter will go out biweekly
  • All submissions must be in by COB Monday prior


  • Updated 12 hours after information is submitted

REMINDERS, REMINDERS, REMINDERS! - Did we happen to mention reminders?! With everyone's busy schedules, it is very important to post and send brief reminders for events, programs, etc. Depending on the event, these reminders might be sent weekly for a few weeks prior to the event, a few days before, the night before, or in another manner. Your PTO Board Support Member or a prior Committee Chair for your committee can help you determine the best timing for your reminders. These reminders should be part of your Committee Communication Plan.  Please be sure to draft up a reminder news item for your event where applicable and submit to secretary@crossfieldpto.org the Friday before your reminder is to go out to ensure this reminder is included in upcoming PTO e-mails and on the website in a timely manner.

WHAT'S MY BUDGET? Each PTO-funded event will have an expense budget set and voted on by the PTO Board. If you are unsure of the budget for your particular event/area, please contact your Board liaison or our Treasurer at treasurer@crossfieldpto.org.

HOW DO I GET REIMBURSED? Complete a Reimbursement Request form and submit to PTO Treasurer along with all original receipts. Incomplete forms or forms received without receipts will be returned.

Reimbursement Request forms and receipts must be submitted within one month of the date of the event. We will do our best to reimburse within 2 weeks of receipt of the complete form and receipts.

HOW DO I REQUEST A CHECK OR CASH BOX? For invoices to be paid directly to vendors, submit a Check Request form along with a copy of the invoice. Incomplete forms or forms received without an invoice will be returned. Check Request forms and invoices must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the invoice due date.

HOW DO I DEPOSIT MONEY? When money is collected for a fundraiser or event, the committee chair/organizer of that event is responsible for submitting all cash and checks to the Treasurer within 3 school days of receipt of the funds and/or close of the event. A Deposit Notice form must be submitted with the cash/checks.


  • All coins must be sorted by denomination and placed into individual plastic baggies (i.e., all quarters in one baggie; all dimes in another baggie; etc).
  • Each baggie should then be labeled with the total amount inside the bag and where the funds were collected from (i.e. if the baggie contains 5 quarters, label the baggie as "$1.25 in quarters collected at ice cream social")