NEW! Engineering with Little Bits (Grades K-2)

Have your children ever wanted to learn about the science behind how some machines work? 

In this class, younger students are introduced to basic electronics including input/output through hand­on learning and projects. Kids combine everyday supplies and color­coded modules that utilize LED lights, fans, sliders, pressure sensors, and more! Students work together in small teams to in order create different projects such as custom flashlights, touch sensors, alarm clocks, and more!

Provided by: C3
For Grades: K-2
Spring Session Dates: March 31, 2017-May 19, 2017
# of Classes: 8 classes
Cost: $196
Day/Time: 4:05 pm – 5:05 pm (no class on 4/7, 4/14, 5/26)

Spring registration is closed.

Please note: Make-up classes are pre-scheduled, on a limited basis, per the school calendar.  There are no refunds, if school cancellations, closures or delays, due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, exceed the number of scheduled make up classes. Thank you for your understanding.